Earn Money

Feed-In Tariffs

The Feed in tariffs were introduced by the government to give an incentive to increase the uptake of small-scale renewable generation to help deliver the UK’s 2020 renewable energy targets.

When you have your solar PV installed by an MCS approved installer, using MCS approved materials, like us, you will be entitled to apply for the Feed-In Tariff (or FITs for short). FITs are payments made by Energy Companies to anyone who installs a Micro-generation system. Backed by the government, these tariffs are aimed at increasing the amount of renewable energy produced and used in the UK. These FITs provide a substantial financial incentive for those choosing to generate their own electricity. For more detailed information on FITs please go to ofgem.gov.uk where it tells you all about FITs, how to apply, Government policy etc.

Get Paid in Cash

Feed-In TariffThe feed-in tariff scheme rewards you for the amount of energy your pv system generates regardless of whether you consume the electricity or not. you are also paid for any electricity exported , all income generated will be tax free.