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Why You Need An RCD Fitted In Your Home ASAP!

Why You Need An RCD Fitted In Your Home ASAP!   To those not keyed into the world of electricity, we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing about RCD’s and how essential they are to keeping you and your family safe at home. But don’t worry, because that’s why we exist; To make sure you [...]

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Triton Shower Safety Notice

SAFETY INFORMATION As the UK’s market leading shower manufacturer, we make the safety and quality of our products a priority and we continually monitor the performance of all our products. To ensure we notify you in the event of any issue on our products, please ensure you register your Triton Shower here. Important Product Safety Notice [...]

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Busy installing l.e.d lighting

We've been busy installing some 20watt l.e.d down lights today , as well as some smaller colour changing lights !

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Bread Man Stu

I was lucky enough to wire up Bread man stu's new bread oven today! Walking into his micro bakery the smell was fantastic , all that freshly baked bread, sourdough, white and whole meal rolls, and your standard white loaf,! They taste so good I've got my weekly orders in ,have a look at his [...]

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