Are you surge-protected?


Are you aware of the dangers posed by electrical surges? Electrical surges can occur during storms or when large appliances that draw a lot of power turn on or off. These seemingly harmless events can actually cause serious damage to your home’s wiring and electronics if you’re not properly protected by surge protection devices. Having whole-home surge protection devices installed in your home is a smart move to protect yourself, your family and your possessions from the havoc caused by electrical surges.


What Is a Surge Protector?


A surge protector is an important aspect of home safety and will protect your valuable investments in electronics and other sensitive equipment that cost a lot of money to replace. A surge protector works like an insurance policy for your electronics—it prevents minor problems from becoming major disasters by blocking excess voltage coming through the power supply when an appliance turns on. In short, a surge protector provides an extra layer of protection from potentially damaging electrical currents.



What Are Whole-Home Surge Protection Devices?


Whole-home surge protection devices are designed to safeguard all electronic equipment connected to your home’s electrical system and the electrical installation itself against potentially damaging surges in electricity. They are typically installed at the distribution board and provide protection for all appliances and devices plugged into sockets or hardwired into spurs.

Do I need Surge Protection?



The Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home Surge Protection Device


Installing whole-home surge protection devices offers many benefits over traditional plug-in devices:





Continuous monitoring

Unlike plug-in style devices which monitor only one outlet at a time, whole-home surge protection provides coverage across every outlet connected to it, working in tandem with other safety features like circuit breakers and fuses.


Multiple outlets protected

While plug-in devices only protect one particular outlet, whole-home systems offer complete coverage across multiple outlets located throughout the house – even those not directly connected to it such as outdoor wiring or lighting fixtures. This makes it easier to keep tabs on all potential threats while ensuring consistent levels of safety are maintained throughout all areas of the property.


Cost savings

Installing surge protection gives you a safeguard against the potentially costly damage that can be caused by power surges, not only by avoiding repairs but also the need to replace expensive electronic items that can be damaged.


If you don’t yet have surge protection installed, or are unsure and want to have an extra level of protection for your home’s electrical installation we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quotation. You can call us on 01666 510976 or fill out our contact form here.