Should you have downlights installed

  Installing downlights in your home can instantly add a modern and stylish touch while providing optimal lighting that can create the perfect ambience in any room. In addition to their aesthetic advantages, downlights also offer many practical benefits that make them a great choice for any home.   The most obvious benefit of installing [...]

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Are you surge-protected?

Are you surge-protected?   Are you aware of the dangers posed by electrical surges? Electrical surges can occur during storms or when large appliances that draw a lot of power turn on or off. These seemingly harmless events can actually cause serious damage to your home's wiring and electronics if you're not properly protected by [...]

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Well that another annual inspection done and passed with flying colours for us! Not many people are aware that as NICEIC APPROVED CONTRACTORS AND DOMESTIC INSTALLER we have to undergo a yearly inspection to make sure we have all our Public liability insurance and health and safety policies in place, as well as all relevant [...]

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Downlights and loft Insulation

Have you recently had your loft insulated? well it might be worth checking your downlights haven't been covered over! i wonder what might be cooking under all this? Downlights are not designed to be covered over. Because this fitting was covered with loft insulation ,the heat couldn't dissipated , resulting in the damage above, Could [...]

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Lights , Camera,Action!

Today your local electrician has been busy installing this very versatile security light and camera from Ring ! Not only will the fitting illuminate your property if someone approaches it , the camera instantly starts recording day or night ! Should you feel the need you can also sound a siren, or talk to whoever [...]

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New lighting for an old room

Your local electrician has been busy replacing old light fittings in stunning little cottage in Eastcourt near malmesbury ,with these slim line l.E.D lights, the existing lights were rather large so we managed to find a light fitting that would fit into the holes neatly without the need to re decorate the ceiling ! The [...]

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