Are you using unregistered electricians?

A shock to your savings: 16 million Brits out-of-pocket by an average £750 after fixing dodgy electrical A frightening number of British consumers are putting cash before competence by seriously considering hiring an unregistered electrician for dangerous electrical work, to save money. Electrical Safety First carried out a survey, asking people to choose between hiring [...]

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  Is Confusion over LED Lamps costing you money?   For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits of LED lighting, the conversations usually, have themes like, LEDs are for toys you don’t get enough light from them or how can you justify telling me to pay £20 [...]

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Are you thinking of moving house ?

Buyer Beware   There were nearly 2.5 million residential sales in the UK in 2014-15. However, research carried out by Electrical Safety First found that only 37% of buyers had the electrics checked before purchase. One in five believed that electrical checks were included in the recommended home survey report and just under half were [...]

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